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Get the best Non-fiction books with book-specific learning resources that help you learn, not just read.

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Complete book-specific questions and other resources to embed the information and concepts you read. 

Finally, you can read with confidence. Remember what you need too, and get ahead. 

Why you need Readir

We read to get a step ahead - whether it be in our career, study or life, but struggle to remember everything we read. You shouldn't have to.


Anna Ersezer 

Product Specialist

"Predominantly I read non-fiction for my professional development. But the trouble is, I forgot all the learnings from the books I read because I didn't use the new knowledge straight away. I've always wished there was a way I could retain more, And now there is!"

Rajwinder Singh

Accounting Student

Marie Penny


"Before using the Readir I thought I would automatically remember what I need to remember. But that turns out not to always be the case. It was only after using Readir that I realised how much information you can retain from a book!

"My ability to retain the information from the books I'm reading is not effective. The benefit of Readir is it encourages me to stay focused, and purposefully take in the information I'm reading. As a Co-founder of a startup,  I need to be learning as much as possible, so it's essential that I retain as much knowledge as possible."


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