About us

Hi there, my name is Roy. I am a passionate life-long learner and the co-founder of Readir. Why Readir? It’s simple – I read between 20 – 50 books a year, on a quest to always grow my mind and satisfy my wild curiosity about the world we live in. Over the years, I have taken extensive notes on the books I read. However, no matter how much I re-visit those notes, and books themselves, I have always found things I do not remember reading. No, I do not have a memory problem (my Fiancé may disagree), and after some research, I soon realised that our brains are virtually useless at remembering information we read. In fact, I found that the average person takes away only 10-20% of the books they read. Readir is how we fix that.


Together with my co-founder, Ian Wong, we will bring you the resources needed to retain what you read. We will bring you questions that are phrased and delivered in ways to maximize your retention - on every chapter. And together we hope to enhance your reading. 

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Hello, my name is Ian.  Books have always played an enormous role in my life.  They have provided me with a view into the world, and have allowed me to process and understand the things and events that I have seen around me.  I am also passionate about making a positive impact on the world, and to work towards leaving the world a better place than when I came into it.  I am currently on the Board on various not for profits such as Circular Economy Victoria, the Yarra Riverkeeper Association and the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation Victoria in an attempt to have a positive impact.  This philosophy became even more important to me when I was fortunate enough to start raising two wonderful children with my wife.  


The challenges that we currently face in terms of growing social inequity, and climate change are wicked problems that require a systems based approach to solving these problems.  This is why I am passionate about reading as many books as I can around aspects of these challenges, and perspectives around possible solutions to these problems.  This is why I have taken a keen interest in Readir.  By retaining more of what we read, we can then begin to coax out a systemic understanding of the challenges that face us, and hopefully, be able to collaborate with each other to address these issues.  We are an early stage startup with aspirations to change the world by enabling and empowering everyone to understand the world on a deeper level through books, and hopefully, become part of the solution to address the wicked problems that we face.