How it works

Readir has sought the world's most impactful research in Reading, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science to build a reading experience like no other.


Choose from a range of best sellers and get a physical copy delivered to your door. 

Grab a coffee, sit down and read your book in your own time. 

Complete your Readir on our website to retain what you read.

Deeply understand your book and access higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Why do our Readirs Work?

Our questions and resources - 'Readirs' - are expertly curated using a framework that is based on Cognitive Load Theory (CLT).  When learning something new, we experience three types of cognitive load: Intrinsic load  is the effort associated with learning the core information;  Extrinsic load is the effort used in filtering the unimportant from the important; and Germane load is the effort expended by the brain to store that core information. 


Our Readirs take advantage of these cognitive  loads in 3 simple ways:

1. They increase your  Intrinsic Load

Core Information

Increase Intrinsivfdc.png

2. They decrease your  Intrinsic Load


Useless  Information

3. They decrease your  Germane Load


Efficiently stored   Information

To achieve these three things, each Readir is carefully curated with the following strategies:

p m1.png



Our Readirs provide breakdowns of characters, timelines and important words so they don't confuse you while reading.



Our questions on topics are carefully segmented to provide the most efficient retention pathway.

Sequencing and Combination 


Our Readirs cleverly sequences questions (depending on the type of book) to enable better information retrievability. 




We remove anything that may draw any extraneous load; maximising your opportunity to remember more.



While completing our Readirs, we ensure that all the information you need to is close by, making it easier to build strong memory pathways.



Using well-timed variation, questions are repeated in different ways so that your understanding of concepts takes many forms. 

So, the big deal?

As you can see, Readir is not about the number of books you read. Instead, Readir is about taking the time to acquire, retain and test the knowledge others look over. 

Our Readirs not only help you lock in what you read, but also help you access higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy. 


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